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Pastrami wings

Pastrami wings

Co-Op, Hotel on Rivington, New York City

Executive chef James London said this dish was inspired by the legendary pastrami at nearby Katz’s Deli, which he and his team visited after being stuck in the hotel for a week following Superstorm Sandy.

London rubs jumbo party wings with a classic pastrami blend of kosher salt, paprika, coriander, brown sugar, black peppercorns, white peppercorns, mustard seed and raw garlic.

He leaves the rub on the wings overnight and then deep-fries them to order. He serves them with an aïoli made with smoked olive oil, as well as lime juice and some of the pastrami rub.

London smokes the oil in-house over apple wood in what he calls a “classic ghetto stovetop smoker.” He fills a mixing bowl with ice and puts olive oil in another mixing bowl over the ice to keep it from heating. He smokes the oil for about half an hour, frequently replenishing the ice and stirring the oil about every 10 minutes to help the smoke penetrate it.

He said he smokes the oil instead of the wings themselves because the smoke and the rub together overwhelm the wings’ flavor.

He serves an order of seven wings with a classic deli pickle made with dill and garlic for $12.

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