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Oven-fried green tomatoes

Oven-fried green tomatoes

The Flying Biscuit Café

This 13-unit chain, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Raving Brands, focuses on lighter versions of Southern classics.

For this appetizer, green tomato slices are dipped in egg wash, and then in a spiced cornmeal-and-flour mixture, the chain’s vice president and brand leader Brent Fuller said. Then they’re baked to order and finished on the grill.

The tomatoes are served with goat cheese crumbles and a jalapeño cashew relish made with cilantro, serrano peppers, cashews, red pepper flakes, honey and rice wine vinegar.

“After guests eat them, they feel better and lighter than when they eat a normal greasy version,” Fuller said.

An order of four tomato slices is priced at $6.79.

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