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Edamame cashew burger

Edamame cashew burger

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, Charlotte, N.C.

Adam Long, executive chef of Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, developed this edamame cashew burger to provide another vegetarian and gluten-free option at the the five-unit chain beyond its black bean and vegetable burger.

“This has more crunch to it because of the cashews,” he said. “We did at least five tastings. We messed with quinoa, brown rice, cannellini beans, different flours and binders. It was pretty extensive. We finally landed on the edamame burger.”

For the patty, Long purées edamame, chickpeas and cashews. Separately, he pulses those three ingredients along with mushrooms in a food processor, giving them a coarser texture. He combines that mixture with the purée, binding it all with chickpea flour.

Then he either fries or grills the burger, depending on the customer’s preference, and serves it with tzatziki, shredded iceberg lettuce and tomato on a multigrain bun. The item is priced at $9.

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