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Crisp Chicken Noodles

Crisp Chicken Noodles

Bisutoro, New York City

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto does his own high-concept take on chicken noodle soup at this recently opened restaurant, named for the Japanese pronunciation of “bistro.”

To make the dish, he marinates chicken breast overnight in buttermilk mixed with sautéed garlic and onion, a Cajun spice mix, white pepper and sake.

Next, he purées the mixture in a food processor with all-purpose flour, egg, egg white and nagaimo, a Japanese root vegetable, until smooth.

He scoops the purée into a pastry bag and squeezes it using a fine tip into simmering kombu dashi to form “noodles.”

He tops the cooked chicken noodles with cubed chicken leg that has been wrapped in yuba, or tofu skin, and deep-fries it until crispy.

The dish is priced at $15.

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