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GRK, New York

Savory Greek yogurt preparations are offered as side dishes, snacks or small meals at GRK, a single-unit fast-casual Greek restaurant in New York.

For the Corfu, Jerry Liberatos, the co-owner who handles operations and product development, gives customers an option of fat-free or 2-percent Greek yogurt — although he pushes the 2 percent because it’s creamier and less sour.

On top of the yogurt he layers lentils that have been simmered in water with bay leaves, olive oil and salt, then cooled. Next, he places quartered figs on top — fresh when they’re in season, dried and rehydrated in warm water when they’re not — followed by a chiffonade of basil, julienned green apples, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.

An eight-ounce serving is $5.97.

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