Increase Staffing Accuracy with Customized Labor Targets based on Specific Store and Guest Preferences

In a restaurant world packed with marketing promotions and guests expecting customized experiences, labor staffing targets must adapt to all the parameters that impact productivity, guest satisfaction and overall throughput. Contextual labor systems offer managers credible labor guidelines that they can believe in and adhere to because they are based on brand standards and flex with the needs of each guest experience. 

For over 27 years Deterministics has mentored scores of labor system implementations. This cumulative experience led us to conclude there is only one accurate way to manage labor: allocate staffing within the context of each store’s operating environment by understanding who is in the store and how they choose to use the experience. This White Paper describes how new systems bring labor standards to life by putting them “in context”, while making fixed, picture-in-time labor standards obsolete. 

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