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Group Publisher
Sarah Lockyer

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Senior Managing Editor
Christi Ravneberg

Senior Editors
Gloria Dawson
Lisa Jennings
Ron Ruggless
Bret Thorn 
Nancy Luna

Senior Data and Events Editor
Alan J. Liddle

Assistant Editor
Joanna Fantozzi

Production Manager
Don Cuppett

Creative Directors
Joe Anderson
Sue Pearsall

Design Consultant
Francesca Messina

Content Strategy and Optimization
Becky Schilling

Digital Content Manager
Leigh Anne Zinsmeister

Assistant Digital Editor
Holly Petre

Digital Content Producer
Nora Hakramaj

Contributing Editors
Michael Browne 
Mike Buzalka
Tara Fitzpatrick
Russell Redman

Andy Battaglia, David Flaherty, Fern Glazer, 
Joe Kefauver, Nancy Kruse, Steve Rockwell, 
Jim Sullivan