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Jenna Telesca

Senior Managing Editor
Christi Ravneberg

Senior Editors
Gloria Dawson
Lisa Jennings
Ron Ruggless
Bret Thorn 
Nancy Luna

Senior Data and Events Editor
Alan J. Liddle

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Joanna Fantozzi

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Don Cuppett

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Joe Anderson
Sue Pearsall

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Francesca Messina

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Leigh Anne Zinsmeister

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Anna Kang

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Holly Petre

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Michael Browne 
Mike Buzalka
Tara Fitzpatrick
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Becky Schilling

Andy Battaglia, David Flaherty, Fern Glazer, 
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Jim Sullivan

Monique Monaco-Levy - Group Show Director 
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Jesse Parziale - Event Manager 
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Marie P. Smith - Sponsorship Coordinator 
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Shawn Merselis - Director, Finance
Emma Getty - Financial Analyst




Director, Sales
Kent Scholla (212) 204-4224

Bob Baker  (732) 429-2080

Susan Shepherd (404) 386-1709

Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin
Jenifer Singer (224) 806-1251

Indiana, Michigan and Ohio
Jerry Rymont (216) 931-9720

West Central/MTN/TX
Rebecca Roberts (512) 295-3050

West and Colorado
Sherylen Yoak (714) 813-5526

Inside Sales: East, International, MUFSO
Janet McLiverty (732) 530-2995

Inside Sales: West
Rory Gordon (203) 358-4101

Inside Sales: Special Sections
Jauntey Ornstil (917) 456-4289

Leslie Wolowitz (212) 204-4399

Director, Client Success and Solutions
Jason Bogovic (212) 204-4386

Account Manager
Dominique Correa (212) 204-4320

Client Success Support
Isabel Erese
Jennifer Freund

Director, Marketing
Tanja Jacobsen

Marketing Specialist
Ann Teichman

Marketing Services
Lauren Rapin

Lydia Mayer - Digital Operations Manager
Brenda Wiley - Print Production Manager
Artemis Lang - Digital Production
Matt Bandes - Digital Production
Desiree Torres - Sr. Director, Subscriptions

List Rental Manager
Dianne Campanella (212) 204-4258