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Report: Cannabis users high on McDonald’s

New study hashes out fast-food preferences of weed enthusiasts in legal markets

Mary Jane users are lovin’ it.

Buyers of legal marijuana overwhelmingly choose McDonald’s Corp. as their top pick when they go to a fast-food joint, according to a new study by the cannabis financial website Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis.

According to the online survey, 43 percent of people who bought legal weed choose McDonald’s to satisfy “the munchies.” That’s more than twice as many as those who choose Taco Bell, which was cited by 18.3 percent of users.

The Wendy’s Co. came in third at 17.8 percent, followed by Burger King (17.6 percent) and Subway (8.7 percent). Weed users also fond of KFC, Arby’s, Chick-fil-A, Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr.

The report comes from an online survey of 27,500 adults in 25 U.S. markets where cannabis has been legalized, including Denver, Las Vegas and Portland, Ore.

McDonald’s was the most popular largely because it is the single-largest restaurant chain in the U.S., to put it bluntly. Yet pot users were 10 percent more likely than a typical adult to patronize the chain, according to the study.

Pot enthusiasts were even more fired up about Taco Bell: Users are 43 percent more likely than average to run for the border.  

Both Wendy’s (17 percent) and Burger King (19 percent) also over-indexed among pot users.

Investors have been high on McDonald’s all year, and on Thursday afternoon sent the stock up more than 3 percent. The Oak Brook, Ill.-based giant’s stock is up 32 percent on the year.

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