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8 delivery and takeout trends to expect in 2020

DoorDash released their list of delivery trend predictions for next year

As 2019 comes to a close, this is the year of delivery: for the first time off-premise revenue is surpassing on-premise sales and is expected to grow at more than triple the rate of in-restaurant sales through 2023, according to global strategy consulting firm LEK Consulting.

But what is everyone ordering? According to DoorDash’s annual year-end trends analysis and predictions report, 2019 was the year of Mexican food, which was the top cuisine of choice, according to DoorDash customers (and burrito bowls finally surpassed burritos in popularity). Other popular food orders include classic cheeseburgers, nachos and Greek salad.

Based on up-and-coming cuisines and hot trends from 2019, DoorDash has put together a list of predictions for delivery and takeout trends for 2020, that all had more than a 1,000% spike in orders this year.

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