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Whataburger: Winning with families

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Regional cult favorite Whataburger has generated a loyal following, especially among Hispanic consumers, who frequent the 806-unit chain for casual lunches, dinner on the way home and family meals. The chain is most popular among Baby Boomers.

Guests of the San Antonio-based chain visit Whataburger more frequently than most other quick-service burger chains, with 10 percent of customers eating there on a weekly basis, compared with 7 percent for its competitors. Another 26 percent eat there every two to three weeks, compared with 21 percent for their competitors.   

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Whataburger scores high for offering items that its customers crave, as well as friendly customer service.

Guests are far more likely to recommend the restaurant to family and friends than other burger chains.

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The chain is generally regarded as a “classic/timeless” restaurant that is consistently good, and outperforms its competitors in ratings of food quality, service and ambience. It also gets top marks for portion size.

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