Top 10 ambience winners: Consumer Picks 2018

NRN presents Consumer Picks, a comprehensive look at customer preference and restaurant brand strength. This annual special report is produced with Datassential. Get the full report>>

The casual-dining segment has had its challenges recently, but the brands are still resonating with consumers as favorite places to hang out. Nine of the 10 top restaurants consumers cited for great ambience were in the casual-dining segment. These restaurants with flashy stylings certainly leave a lasting impression.

The Cheesecake Factory, which came in first for ambience, combines low lighting with an over-the-top ancient-Egypt-inspired look. At second place for ambience, Olive Garden, which aims to transport guests to Italy through food and decor, has been investing in a remodel over the past few years, a move that appears to be paying off.

See the top 10 finishers for ambience.

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