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Consumer Picks 2016: Casual-Dining Results

Consumer Picks 2016: Casual-Dining Results

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NRN presents Consumer Picks — a comprehensive look at customer preference and restaurant brand strength. This annual special report is produced with WD Partners. Share your thoughts on this year's results via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using #ConsumerPicks.

The following rankings cover the 40 casual-dining chains in the 2016 Consumer Picks survey. Survey respondents rated the chains on 10 attributes, including Food Quality, Cleanliness, Service and Atmosphere. Those ratings created an Overall Score, which is weighted by the importance customers place on each attribute. Brands are ranked below by Overall Score.

Click through each chain to see all attribute scores. Scores for the 10 attributes represent the percentage of respondents who said a chain was "excellent" or "good" in that area, or who "definitely" or "probably" would revisit or recommend the brand.

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**Denotes a brand that received 120 to 149 survey responses. All other brands had 150 or more responses.

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