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The 11 restaurant brands with the best food for takeout during the pandemic, according to consumers

NRN presents Consumer Picks, a data-driven report on customer preference and restaurant brand strength. Data for this report is provided by market research firm Datassential. Find out more about the data here.

Takeout was big before the COVID-19 pandemic, but off-premise became a crucial lifeline for restaurant chains after dine-in was closed in most states earlier this year. But not all menu items travel well, and many restaurants had to rethink how their offerings fared when taken off the property.

For this gallery, Datassential asked consumers in June if they agreed with the statement, “This restaurant’s food is a good fit for takeout.” We’ve ranked the six limited-service chains (due to a tie) and five full-service chains with the highest percentage responding, “agree” or “strongly agree.”

Not surprisingly, pizza brands dominate both lists, having been big on off-premise even before the coronavirus pandemic. Burger brands rounded out the lists. The limited-service chains had a higher percentage of consumers who thought their food was fit for takeout than the full-service chains.

Click through to see which chains consumers thought had food fit for takeout during the pandemic.

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