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Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s, International Inc. is a Vancouver, Wash.-based pizza restaurant chain known for its take-and-bake format. The pizza chain is currently the fifth-largest limited-service pizza chain in the United States, behind Papa John’s.

Papa Murphy’s was founded by merging two take-and-bake pizza companies, Papa Aldo’s and Murphy’s Pizza, in 1995. The company was first sold to private equity firm Lee Equity Partners in 2013. In 2019, the company was acquired by Montreal, Canada- franchisor MTY Food Group, which also owns 70 other restaurant brands including Pinkberry, Thai Express, Sushi Go, Kahala Brands, and the Canadian branch of TCBY Frozen Yogurt. 

Besides take-and-bake pizzas, Papa Murphy’s is also known for its take-and-bake cookie dough, cheesy bread and cinnamon wheels, and the chain also offers salads. 

In May 2020, MTY Food Group announced that it would be delaying the release of its quarterly financial results from April 14 to May 29 amid mass layoffs and store closures due to COVID-19. In 2020, Papa Murphy’s ended up with 43 store closures, with 1,283 restaurants in total.

In June 2021, Papa Murphy’s announced a rebrand, including a store redesign and new logo.

Key Data: Papa Muphy’s

Headquarters: Vancouver, Wash. 

Segment: Quick Service

Restaurant Segment: LSR Pizza

Number of US locations: 1,283

2020 Sales: $3.5 million

Annual Growth: $678,353

Source: Datassential Firefly 500

CEO: Eric Lefebvre