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Great American Cookie Co

Great American Cookie Co was founded in 1977 in Atlanta. Its original name was The Original Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Company; it was renamed in 1985.

Known for selling their cookies in malls, their freshly baked cookies, brownies and cookie cakes are all based on generations-old family recipes.

The menu includes fresh-baked cookies, cookie cakes, Double Doozies, brownies, DIY take & decorate cookie kits, unicorn cakes, and cookie trays.

Key Data:

Headquarters: Atlanta, Ga.

Segment: Quick Service

Restaurant Segment: LSR Dessert / Snack

Number of US Locations: 362

2020 Sales: $208.2 million

Annual Growth:

Source: Datassential Firefly 500

CEO: Stephen Russo

Parent/Group: Global Franchise Group