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Extra Serving

Podcast: Chris Cosentino on offal, ADD and his great-grandmother

The San Francisco chef discusses his latest ventures

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“I look at ADD in this industry as a superpower,” said Chris Cosentino, one of many people who gravitated toward kitchens after his different approach to learning led teachers to think he wasn’t very bright.

With an attention deficit, Chris explains in this Extra Serving podcast, he’s a master at multitasking and could “run circles around people.”

Based in San Francisco, Cosentino was an early advocate for offal (an early social media handle of his was @offalchris) in the modern food movement, researching old recipes and studying the physiology of organs to know how to work with them. In this podcast he explains how to clean a kidney, and he also discusses how he uses “antique beef” from old dairy cattle and leftover grape skins from local wineries to make a dynamic new interpretation of steak tartare.

This month Cosentino’s latest venture, Rosalie, is opening at the C. Baldwin hotel in Houston, and the chef discusses how draws on the memories of his great-grandmother, Rosalie Cosentino, to inspire the new restaurant.

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