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Sherif Mityas, chief experience officer for TGI Fridays

Podcast: TGI Fridays tests paying the tab for your Uber ride

Restaurants are looking to drive dine-in visits with Uber Vouchers

Ridesharing to restaurants and bars is becoming the norm for a new generation of diners. So how do you ensure those guests choose your restaurant over competitors?

TGI Fridays and Uber think they have an idea. Today, our Extra Serving podcast looks at Uber Vouchers, a new program by the ride-sharing giant. It is designed to drive foot traffic into a restaurant’s dining room or bar with the ultimate incentive: ride-share credit.

Uber is partnering with restaurants like TGIF to offer ride-share customers a voucher that pays or partially pays the tab for their ride to a restaurant.

Photo: Uber Vouchers


Sherif Mityas, chief experience officer for the Dallas-based casual dining chain, said Uber Vouchers is another “cool” and relevant benefit the tech-forward brand can offer both loyal and new customers.

Besides offering credit for rides to TGIF, Mityas said bartenders also have the discretion to give out codes for credit on rides home.

“It provides a safe and nice perk for our guests to get home safely,” he said.

And, yes, there’s limits to how far a guest can go.

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