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Hooters car.png Photo courtesy of Hendrick Motorsports
Hendrick Motorsports has ended its partnership with Hooters for "failure to meet business obligations."

More signs of trouble at Hooters as longtime NASCAR organization ends partnership

Hooters and Hendrick Motorsports first teamed up in 2017 and the relationship has since evolved to include sponsorship of Chase Elliott’s car and a virtual restaurant brand.

Less than a month after announcing the closure of dozens of restaurants, Hooters has reportedly been dropped by longtime partner Rick Hendrick Motorsports. According to On3 Media, the NASCAR organization ended the partnership after Hooters “failed to meet their business obligations.”

As part of the partnership, which began in 2017, Hooters has been the primary brand featured on driver NACAR Cup Series champion Chase Elliott’s No. 9 car, as well as his racing suit. Those Hooters decals, however, had been removed prior to a race last weekend at the Nashville Superspeedway. Notably, the relationship extended beyond the track. In late 2022, Hooters launched a virtual chicken tender brand called Chase Elliott’s Chicken Tenders.

In a statement shared with the Associated Press, Hendrick Motorsports thanked Hooters for its partnership, but added, “Due to these unfortunate and unexpected circumstances, and despite extensive efforts on both sides to identify a workable solution, it became necessary for Hendrick Motorsports to end the relationship."

Nation’s Restaurant News has reached out to Hendrick Motorsports for more information about its decision, as well as Hooters for a statement about the end of the relationship.

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