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Self-promotion that would make Stephen Colbert blush

The week between Christmas and New Years is a notoriously slow time for news, but that doesn’t mean we journalists can let our readers stare at blank screens or leaf through a bunch of white pages (because people do still read magazines, you know).

 So we have to get creative.

 As you’ve seen on, we do a lot of roundups of what’s happened over the past year, and we make predictions of what we expect for 2012.

 Of course, other media outlets have to get creative too, and sometimes that means quoting (ahem) me.

Shomial Ahmad of WABE, the National Public Radio station in Atlanta, was nice enough to interview me for a story of what kind of business local restaurants could expect for Christmas.

Here's that link.’s New York blog does a whole series of stories asking “industry experts” like (ahem) me, to sum up the past year.

Here’s one of them.

And Bravo TV was good enough to paraphrase an interview I did with one of its Top Chef stars, Richard Blais.

So all in all, it's been a good week for me. 

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