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May the Fourth be with you

May the Fourth be with you

If you’re wearing a Chewbacca costume while reading this, you’re already in the spirit.

It’s Star Wars Day, otherwise known as May the Fourth, which sounds a lot like “May the Force (be with you),” and, yes, that’s enough for fans of the movie series to claim it as their own. And the Force is particularly strong this year because of expected release later this year of the next installment: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Look, if I have to explain it to you then you probably are not a Star Wars fan. But it will help you understand all the references restaurant brands are making to Star Wars on social media today.

Subway created a special food art themed tribute for its Facebook and Twitter channels.

Quiznos did an extensive mashup video for its Toasty TV site, envisioning Star Wars if made by the crew from the HBO show “Entourage.”

TCBY shows the appeal of its froyo for Darth himself.

Magnolia Bakery had these cupcakes.

Even McDonald's brought out the "fry sabers."

For true fans, of course, every day is Star Wars day. But for brands looking to tap the zeitgeist, remember that the epic story created by George Lucas began in a galaxy far, far away in 1977. This is one touchstone that crosses from Baby Boomer to Gen whatever.

May the Fourth be with you all.

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