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Fro-yo chain looks to divide and conquer

Fro-yo chain looks to divide and conquer


Two- and three-part dividers are available for Orange Leaf's 16-ounce fro-yo cup.

In the increasingly competitive frozen-yogurt category, at least one player is looking to divide and conquer.

Especially for those consumers who don’t like to let their flavors and toppings mix, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is offering the solution: cup dividers.

The Oklahoma City, Okla.-based self-serve fro-yo franchisor has just started offering the dividers in its 16-ounce cups. They allow guests to fill two or three sections without mixing the flavors or toppings.

 “Most of our customers prefer to get more than one flavor of fro-yo in their cup,” said Karley Hofer, director of brand development at Orange Leaf, in a statement.

“While some like to swirl or mix several flavors and toppings together,” Hofer said, “others prefer their fro-yo flavors neatly separated so that they can enjoy each distinct taste or custom build their flavor combination as they go.”

 Orange Leaf has more than 285 locations in the United States and Australia.

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