Reporter's Notebook

Chick-fil-A president's comments provoke ire, support

When an interview with Chick-fil-A president and chief operating officer Dan Cathy, was published on July 2 on the Biblical Reporter website, there were few clues that his comments on the company’s support of the “traditional family” would produce a firestorm in social media and across the entertainment and political landscapes. The conversation reached a sizzle last week.

Business communications executives will be combing through the events of the past month to understand how a company came to be praised and pilloried in all corners of new media for a quote as simple as “Well, guilty as charged.”

I’ve put together a look at comments on Cathy’s statements from various sources that have joined the discussion. Some of the comments pose the possibility of offending sensibilities, so proceed with some caution.

Social media is the Wild West of conversation, with pun-slingers and snarky outlaws. I hope I’ve spared you the extremes.

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