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Podcast: Sommelier Philippe Sauriat on how he developed his wine beverage program

Gabriel Kreuther's beverage director balances his customers’ tastes with his own

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For the past dozen years, Philippe Sauriat has been selecting wine for some of the most particular customers in the Northeast.

Starting in 2007 at Adour by Alain Ducasse in New York, where the native of the French region of Burgundy spent four years, he went on to work at Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia before returning to New York to work at The Lotos Club for three years before reworking the wine list at La Goulue. Then, in June of 2017 he joined restaurant Gabriel Kreuther where he has been managing that fine-dining restaurant’s list of 1,879 wine selections.

He sat down with Extra Serving to discuss how he makes his wine list and how he decides what to charge his customers.

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