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Peet's Coffee rewards Peet's Coffee
Peet's Coffee customers are responding well to the changed program.

Peet’s Coffee sees returns from relaunched loyalty program, now with tiered rewards structure

Peetnik Rewards, in partnership with Paytronix, lets customers cash in on rewards quicker than its previous version

Peet’s Coffee & Tea relaunched its loyalty program with Paytronix on Oct 6. as Peetnik Rewards. Now, customers can choose to cash in their points for rewards of varying value as part of a new tiered rewards structure.

New members who download the app will receive 125 welcome points that they can cash in immediately or save up for larger rewards. Similar to Starbucks’ revamp of its loyalty program in 2019, Peetnik Rewards range in value from alternative milks and espresso shots to free drinks and breakfast items, K-Cup pods/espresso capsules all the way up to the most valuable reward, coffee beans.

“We heard loud and clear that customers wanted to earn rewards faster,” Lisa Regelman, director of loyalty and growth marketing for Peet’s Coffee told Nation’s Restaurant News. “They wanted choice and control over those rewards. With our old program, after 15 visits you earned a free beverage, and that offer expired after 30 days. So if you weren’t around those 30 days, it was a bummer.”

Previously, the rewards program also only offered a free coffee and now customers can cash in on tea, food, or beans as well, along with purchase discounts among 20 reward options in total. Other features include menu items specifically for members, mobile order ahead and delivery, bonus points on your birthday and a free drink or baked good on your Peetnik Rewards anniversary.

Customers can accumulate their points via order-ahead purchases, delivery or by scanning the QR code for in-store purchases.

“[With the old app] it was hard to scan your app in store,” Regelman said. “We made it a lot easier and are seeing a reduction in issues. We also increased the visibility of your points in the app so customers can more easily see how many points they are away from a reward.”

Currently there are no personalization features (i.e. suggestions and rewards based off purchase history and customer data), but don’t rule that out for the future:

 “I view loyalty programs as living, breathing things,” Regelman said. “Our goal ultimately for this program is to bring that same handcrafted experience that customers get from like their pizza toppings and translate that into our program. Personalization is definitely something we’re looking to improve upon.”

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