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Dunkin' locations are promoting iced drinks.

Martha Stewart promotes iced coffee shaking etiquette in Dunkin’ promotion

The Instagram post is part of a broader campaign to promote cold beverages

Dunkin’ has partnered with Martha Stewart to bring attention to its iced beverages, an increasingly popular segment in coffee and tea sales.

The lifestyle-oriented celebrity posted a video on Instagram of her shaking a Dunkin’ iced coffee and inventing etiquette for how to agitate such drinks in different situations (shake as loudly as you want to in lively social gatherings but use discretion in more intimate settings).

The marketing move is part of a broader strategy that the coffee-and-doughnut chain started in May to highlight its cold drinks, including its iced coffee and caffeine-free fruit-juiced-based Refreshers.  

In a musical ad titled “Do Your Thing” launched in May, the chain, a subsidiary of privately held Atlanta-based Inspire Brands, showed examples of people rhythmically shaking their iced drinks and tapping straws.

Cold coffee drinks, particularly cold brew, are growing in popularity. Public companies specializing in coffee such as Starbucks and Dutch Bros have reported that the bulk of their domestic sales (75% of Starbucks’ and 90% of Dutch Bros’) are sold cold.

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