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Restaurant Show

A look at 8 beverage trends at the National Restaurant Association Show

Cleaner labels, updated coconut water, even more customization, and THC drinks are trending

Coca-Cola, which as usual has a massive booth at the National Restaurant Association Show this year, is highlighting a variety of trendy drinks this year, including its own Costa Coffee dispenser, offering a variety of hot and cold coffee beverages at a premium to traditional dispensers but at a lower price point compared to modern coffeehouses. It also is showcasing aguas frescas and craft lemonades, for which it sees great potential. Trend experts at the booth also see tropical flavors such as pineapple and mango continue to grow in popularity, as well as cream soda — so much so that it’s launching a new Barq’s red cream soda regionally.

But of course dozens of other large and small companies have their own trendy beverages on display. Here’s a look at eight of them that are looking to make waves in their beverage categories, from next-level coconut water options, to energy drinks, to “flavor enhanced water.”

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Correction: May 23, 2023
This gallery has been updated with information about a company serving a Delta-9 THC spirit at the show.
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