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Flavor of the Week

Flavor of the Week: Shrubs bring sweet and sour elements to beverages

Shrubs may just become the quintessential sip of summer.

A shrub is a fruit-based vinegar syrup or concentrate that is frequently used as a souring agent in cocktails. It also can be diluted, or added to still or sparkling water for a sweet and tangy beverage.

Shrubs can be made either hot or cold, by simmering fruit and sugar in vinegar, or by adding fruit and sugar to cold vinegar and letting it slowly ferment.

Although shrubs are a traditional ingredient in cocktails, and are proving to be particularly popular in the new range of spirit-free cocktails, they also can be used as ingredients in dressings and sauces. Flavor options are virtually endless as these syrups can be made using any combination of fruits, herbs, spices and even vegetables.

Datassential reports that they’re considered premium offerings that can be found on mostly fine-dining menus and at ethnic independents.

Click through the slideshow to learn more about this Flavor of the Week.

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