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Flavor of the Week

The Bloody Maria, a brunch cocktail with a Mexican accent

The Bloody Maria, a simple twist on a popular traditional brunch beverage, is a growing drink on restaurant menus across the country.

The only difference between a Bloody Maria and its classic sister, the Bloody Mary, is the replacement of vodka with tequila. With that swap, the standard beverage (which could easily be a meal with some of the more outlandish toppings some chefs and bartenders add) gains a new, Latin twist, and a trendier flavor profile.

The Bloody Maria has actually been around for more than 100 years, but according to Datassential, it met popular culture, and consumers’ growing love of global flavors in general and agave-based spirits in particular, at just the right moment. Unsurprisingly, it is best known among Hispanic consumers, but Bloody Maria awareness is also high among flexitarians, pescatarians, and Gen X.

Click through the gallery to learn more about this beverage and see how one restaurant is using the Bloody Maria on its menu.

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