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Yacht club sees smoother sailing with event-management tool


CHICAGO ReServe Interactive's Event Management software has been selected for use by the Chicago Yacht Club for managing its races, regattas and public and private events at its Monroe Station and Belmont Station clubhouses, CYC officials confirmed.

"ReServe Interactive perfectly serves our needs and the event management software is critical to the success of our business," said Chicago Yacht Club manager James W. Clark, who added that he has used the software from Delafield, Wis.-based ReServe twice before in his career. 

Sources at ReServe said that among other things, the software tracks event room availability and manages bookings; produces event-related proposals and correspondence, contracts and invoices; generates reminders and follow-up task lists; and simplifies the gathering of food and beverage menus and the defining and documenting of set-up and service arrangements. They indicated that the software also automatically generates equipment and packing lists, forecasts revenue, produces financial, marketing and event-related reports, and maintains a customer database.

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