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What’s Hot In: Greenville, S.C.

American Grocery Restaurant

732 S. Main St. (864) 232-7665. 55.Cuisine: American seasonal sourced from local farms and other artisan producers within the United States.Specialties: fried goat cheese, spinach, sautéed mushrooms and truffle vinaigrette; seared duck breast, duck confit, spiced carrot stew, figs, natural jus; lamb trio—grilled chop, house-made merguez and shepherd’s pie; salt-caramel chocolate tart.Main courses: $21-$32.Chef-owners: Joe Clarke, Susan Dumeyer, David Sundeen.Sommelier-owner: Darlene Mann-Clarke.

The Brown Street Club

115 Brown St. (864) 250-9193. 150.Cuisine: upscale American.Specialties: pan-seared salmon topped with a blue-crab cake and rémoulade; grilled grouper with lemon-butter sauce; Kobe beef tenderloin; potato-wrapped shrimp; blackened beef tenderloin; cold smoked salmon; fried green tomato tower.Main courses: $31-$50.Chef: Sammy Lodovico.Owners: Gary Selvaggio, Mark Selvaggio, Trent Kettels and Doug Eichenlaub.


25 East Court St. (864) 241-3030. 130.Cuisine: contemporary “no boundaries” mixed with Southern classics.Specialties: breast of muscovy duck with Nishiki rice risotto, broccoli, kumquat marmalade and citrus-soy emulsion; bourbon-brined loin of pork with apple-onion purée, Brussels sprouts, glazed apples and port jus; two preparations of beef rib eye with beluga lentils, arugula, fennel salad and red wine reduction; goat cheese cheesecake with organic honey, candied walnuts and lavender ice cream.Main courses: $22-$34.Executive chef: Steven Devereaux Greene.Owner: Table 301 Restaurant Group.

Lazy Goat

170 River Place. (864) 679-5299. 120.Cuisine: international.Specialties: charred hanger steak with truffled pommes frites; pancetta-wrapped halibut with caramelized pears and sherry brown butter; pizza with heirloom tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and basil.Main courses: $10-$23.Chef: Lindsay Autry.Owner: Table 301 Restaurant Group.

Pomegranate on Main

618 S. Main St. (864) 241-3012. 65 inside, 36 outside.Cuisine: Persian.Specialties: beef Koobideh kebab—two seasoned, charbroiled ground-chuck kebabs; charbroiled Barg kebab tenderloin, marinated in a traditional Persian mixture of onion and saffron; shish kebab—marinated, center cut filet mignon, bell pepper, zucchini, onion and tomato; slow-cooked lamb shank served with a side of basmati rice mixed with dill and lima beans.Main courses: $15-$22.Chef: Hash Bassam.Owner: Ali Saifi.

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