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Wendy's adds the Frosty Float to its menu

DUBLIN Ohio The Frosty Float is the newest extension of Wendy’s Frosty line, which for decades stuck to the Original Chocolate Frosty favored by late iconic founder Dave Thomas. A Vanilla Frosty was added last July.

The newest version, a chocolate or vanilla Frosty mixed with soda, will be promoted later this spring with advertising support, according to Wendy’s spokesman Bob Bertini.

The new sweet beverage debuts at a time when other quick-service chains have shown increased interest in a variety of beverages, ranging from coffee and espresso drinks to bottled soft drinks and fruity liquids. McDonald’s, for example, is known to be considering adding smoothies to its menu, while simultaneously testing espresso and bottled sodas. Wendy’s also is experimenting with a coffee-flavored Frosty, bottled beverages and a new branded coffee, according to a published report.

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