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Schechter Report: Football, diversity and foodservices

Schechter Report: Football, diversity and foodservices

Editor’s note: The author is editor in chief of The Schechter Report, and a veteran journalist who has covered the foodservice industry, especially equipment news and information, for more than 20 years. The content here does not necessarily reflect the views of Nation’s Restaurant News.

If anyone had any doubts about how closely entwined the foodservice industry is with current American culture, recent sporting news should lay them to rest.

On one hand, the prospect of a cancelled NFL 2011 season has begun to concentrate the minds – and shape the marketing strategies – of growing numbers of operators who have relied on the legions of pro football fans to boost sales on game days. At the same time, the National Restaurant Association has announced this year’s winners of awards that recognize how opportunities for success in the restaurant industry have transformed the lives of minority citizens.

Obviously, helping those born in poverty or seeking to make a new life become recognized entrepreneurs is a more vital social benefit than supporting a sport being fought over by billionaire team owners and millionaire players. However, both instances exemplify the financial importance of the foodservice industry to the national economy. As women and men from non-traditional backgrounds open independent restaurants or become prospering franchisees, they create new jobs and often introduce entry-level workers into employment.

Equally, if NFL football, “America’s Game,” goes on strike, operators of all types of restaurants and foodservices will look to ally their brands with other sports, such as hockey, basketball and martial arts, to fill the void. Operators from many ethnic backgrounds continue to find that the restaurant and foodservice industry provides an open pathway to achieving the American Dream. It will take more than a cancelled pro football season to change that.

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