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Professor launches website against Tennessee restaurant gun law

A professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., has taken aim at Tennessee’s recently enacted gun law by launching a website informing the public which restaurants permit guests to carry firearms on their premises.

The website,, was created by management professor Ray Friedman and his daughter, Toni, a high school student, in response to the gun law enacted in July. They also established a nonprofit organization called Gun Free Dining Tennessee.

The law allows patrons with gun permits to carry concealed weapons into establishments that serve alcohol, although they are not allowed to drink.

However, the law also gives operators the right to post signs banning guns from their establishments.

The website, which launched Sept. 10, states that its main intention is to not only inform restaurateurs about their new gun-related rights, but also to let customers know whether a restaurant serving alcohol is gun-free.

Calls to Friedman and the Tennessee Hospitality Association were not returned at presstime.

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