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Pinkberry debuts pumpkin flavor, hot drinks

Pinkberry introduced its new pumpkin flavor for the holidays Friday and confirmed that it's testing the sale of hot drinks at select stores across the country.

The new pumpkin yogurt is made with pumpkin puree, nonfat milk and nonfat yogurt, and aims to evoke the flavors of a holiday pie, Pinkberry said. Recommended toppings include honey graham crackers, cinnamon and the chain's new "Swirly Whip" topping, which debuted about a month ago and has been added as a permanent topping option.

Suzanne Ginestro, Pinkberry’s vice president of brand management, said Swirly Whip is made with light cream whipped with Pinkberry flavoring. She said the whipped topping is made fresh daily in the stores and contains 50 calories an ounce.

In addition, Ginestro confirmed that a limited number of Pinkberry stores in New York and Los Angeles are testing the sale of “swirly hot cocoa” and “swirly hot horchata” beverages. Both drinks are served with the chain's new whipped topping and, in the case of the cocoa, chocolate shavings.

“We are testing things in our stores all the time, whether it’s a new topping or hot drinks,” Ginestro said.

The hot beverage test is “still in the very early stages,” she said. “It’s all part of our thoughtful innovation.”

Also for the holidays, Pinkberry said it is bringing back the popular topping of pomegranate seeds, as well as pomegranate juice. The pumpkin yogurt and pomegranate toppings will be available through the end of the year.

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