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Organic To Go defines POS/enterprise technology strategy


SEATTLE Cafe, delivery service and wholesale distribution company Organic To Go, based here, has chosen for use in new locations Maitre' D by Posera Software for point-of-sale systems and enterprise reporting and configuration purposes.

"We are amazed at Posera's ability to keep up with our growth, installing systems in new cafes across the country with a week's notice," said Michael Gats, Organic To Go's chief financial officer. He said Maitre' D's enterprise application, e-Global, permits his company to "access data for each location and make changes to our menus and produce reports," which, with quarterly changing menus, "adds tremendous value to the business."

Organic To Go grew from 13 to 33 cafe locations during the 2007-2008 period and now supports more than 120 wholesale locations in corporate, public and education facilities. Gats said Maitre' D "offers enough options and flexibility in system configuration to help in all parts of our business."

Officials of Posera Software, with North American offices in Seattle and Montreal, said Organic To Go is using Maitre' D to test potential efficiency enhancing tools, such as hand-held POS terminals.

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