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NRN Featured Cocktail: The Transcontinental Sunshine

NRN Featured Cocktail: The Transcontinental Sunshine


New York's Sanctuary Tea might have a list of house-blended teas that takes up a full printed page in small type, but the restaurant and tea lounge also provides cocktails, both with and without tea, created by Benoit Cornet.

Cornet said he liked to use tea more for its aroma than for its flavor. Cornet uses Sanctuary Tea's own blends, creating concentrated shots with an espresso machine. Cornet explained that since tea does not last long once it's been made, the espresso machine works both for creating concentrated shots and also instant shots as needed.

The Transcontinental Sunshine, $12, is made with Plum Iced Tea, Txakolina, vodka and guava puree.

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