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NRN Featured Cocktail: thai's the Limit

NRN Featured Cocktail: thai's the Limit


Gina Chersevani at PS7s in Washington, D.C., combines the flavors of coconuts, lemongrass and Thai chili peppers with gin and ginger, in the form of ginger liqueur, in her thai's the Limit cocktail, $12.

Chersevani also created several drinks with names that play on her city’s political roots, including the “Yes We Can”ton, featuring Cava, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur and pineapple, and the Situation Rum, with rum, hibiscus tea and orange liqueur.

She also tries to create drinks guests will enjoy, and she eagerly accepts the challenge of creating new drinks. The Phony Negroni came about, for example, when a customer who asked for a drink without gin. In response, Chersevani combined orange-flavored vodka with campari, ginger and vermouth. She called it a “phony Negroni,” and when other customers began asking for the drink, it wound up becoming a featured cocktail.

Anote on the cocktail menu also informs customers that all cocktails are available in a non-alcoholic form for $6.

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