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NRN Featured Cocktail: River Rupel

NRN Featured Cocktail: River Rupel

The River Rupel, $10, at Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks in Boston is made with elderflower liqueur, house-made amber vermouth and genever, a predecessor of gin.

The cocktail menu, which is under the care of bar manager Jackson Cannon, features a wide variety of drinks in different categories like “Old Fashioned,” which showcases drinks that are permutations on the Old Fashioned formula and “Heritage” that is made up of historical classics, and “Infusion,” a section featuring a lineup of cocktails using house-made infused spirits.

The cocktail list also makes room for Mocktails, with nonalcoholic drinks like the Stormy Monday, a version of the Dark and Stormy cocktail that omits the rum and uses only lime juice, bitters and ginger beer.

Contact Sonya Moore at [email protected].

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