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NRN Featured Cocktail: Boludo 'Yerba Mate'

NRN Featured Cocktail: Boludo 'Yerba Mate'


Yerba Buena, a Latin cuisine spot in New York City's East Village, boasts a cocktail list created by PDT and Pegu Club alum Artemio Vasquez that reflects South American flavors as well as spirits such as cachaca and rum.

Pisco, the Peruvian grape brandy, also makes an appearance on the cocktail menu in such cocktails as the classic Pisco Sour and the Pisco Guava. The Boludo "Yerba Mate" ($12) is made with pisco, infused with yerba mate, a tea-like beverage. The pisco mixture is shaken with grapefruit, lime cordial and fresh lemon juice. The cocktail is served in a traditional hollowed gourd with a metal straw that are used for drinking mate.

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