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NRN Featured Cocktail: Autumn Sonata

NRN Featured Cocktail: Autumn Sonata


The Teardrop Cocktail Lounge in Portland, Ore., changes beverages seasonally — and even has a punch with ingredients that change every other day.

"The actual cocktail menu changes every four to eight weeks; … the current menu, we just changed to it about a week and a half ago," said owner Ted Charak.

Charak calls the Autumn Sonata "a big hit." Chunks of Fuyu persimmons roasted with a five spice mixture are muddled with simple syrup and honey. Then cachaca, housemade sour mix and a little bit of egg white is added, and the mixture is dry shaken for 20 seconds. Afterwards, ice is added, and the drink is shaken for an additional 6 seconds. The cocktail then is poured into a Collins glass and topped with zested orange. The drink is $9.

The current menu is scheduled to switch over sometime in January or February.

"The next menu will have more citrus. Winter is great for citrus," Charak said. In addition, some drinks are currently in the works that are a take on the limoncello, such as Meyer lemon-cello or even blood orange-cello.

Charak credits co-owner Daniel Shoemaker for coming up with the drinks.

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