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NRN Featured Beverage: The Japanese Thirst Killer

NRN Featured Beverage: The Japanese Thirst Killer


Philadelphia’s Franklin Fountain is located in the city’s historic district, within walking distance of the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, as well as other buildings that provide a glimpse into history. In keeping with it surroundings, the Franklin Fountain fashions itself as an old-timey soda fountain and ice cream shop.

Guests at Franklin Fountain can choose from more than 25 different flavored soda syrups to make their own soda. Franklin Fountain also offers phosphates that use citric or phosphoric acid to create a slight difference in flavor and mouthfeel from the regular sodas that are made with just flavored syrups and carbonated water. The Japanese Thirst Killer, one of the phosphates featured on the menu, is made with orgeat syrup, grape juice and phosphate.

Franklin Fountain also offers a number of other on-site-created items, from its house-made ice cream to the fudge and caramel sauces poured on sundaes.

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