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NRN Featured Beverage: Beezlenut Splash

NRN Featured Beverage: Beezlenut Splash


The Beezlenut Splash is part of IHOP's limited-time-offering menu promoting the upcoming film, "Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who." This is the first movie partnership in which IHOP is participating,, and several Dr. Seuss-themed items are featured in both adult and childrens'-sized breakfasts.

The Beezlenut Splash features lemon-lime soda with cubes of cherry- and berry-flavored gelatin and is available at all participating IHOP locations in the United States at a suggested retail prices of $1.99. Another item on the chain's menu is Who-cakes, featuring different sized stacked pancakes with boysenberry glaze, sprinkles and a lollipop. Customers also can order either "The Mayor's Breakfast" or "Jo-jo's Breakfast," which are differently sized full breakfasts. Both breakfasts include Who-cakes; "green" eggs, made with eggs scrambled with creamed spinach; and ham.

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