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NRN Featured Beverage: Apple & Lemon Rind

NRN Featured Beverage: Apple & Lemon Rind


Located not far from such fitness facilities as a gym, a yoga studio and a taekwondo dojo, Soho Café & Grill, the 6-year-old sandwich and salad spot located in Astoria, N.Y., features a variety of food and beverages, including smoothies, protein shakes and juiced-to-order drinks.

The apple and lemon rind juice combo, at $3.79, is made by running apples through a juicer along with sections of lemon, peel and all, giving the apple juice a citrus flavor with a punch from the bitter rind and lemon oils in the peel.

Soho Café & Grill provides other juice combinations, such as carrot, celery, apple and beet; celery, spinach, cucumber and parsley; and carrots, apples, parsley, ginger and whey protein powder, a concoction known as the Energizer. The mixtures also can be ordered with whey protein powder for an additional 50 cents.

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