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New menu items at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant has updated its menu with new taco offerings.

Among the items are fried carnitas tacos, chicken tinga tacos and a “Sweet Dream” dessert taco, all of which were part of a previous taco-themed limited-time promotion.

The fried carnitas tacos are based on a preparation executive chef Martha Leahy saw during a trip to Michoacán, Mexico, last year.

Pork carnitas, cheese and picante sauce are placed in a flour tortilla that is secured with toothpicks and quickly deep fried. Then the tacos are opened and topped with lettuce and salsa. They’re served with tomatillo-avocado sauce and a choice of beans for $9.99.

Leahy said tinga is a ubiquitous preparation, often made with turkey or pork, and slowly braised with chipotle peppers, tomatoes and paprika.

Margaritas makes its version with chicken thighs, and the taco is topped with pickled onions and crema. It’s stuffed into taco shells and served with Mexican rice and a choice of beans for $11.99

The Sweet Dream tacos use the same frying technique as the carnitas. A scoop of soft cheesecake is enveloped in a flour tortilla, deep fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar. It’s topped with hot fudge and strawberries, and sells for $5.99.

Carne asada steak is brand new to the menu. Made with a teres major cut of beef, the steak is butterflied; marinated in soy sauce, orange juice, onions and garlic; and grilled. It’s served with rajas — roasted Poblano and suntan peppers and onions — that are tossed in crema just before they’re served. The dish costs $16.99

For vegetarians, Enchiladas Banderas have been added to the menu. That item includes three enchiladas stuffed with guacamole, black beans and salsa. It’s served with red, white and green sauces — ranchero, crema and tomatillo — to resemble the Mexican flag, and sells for $13.99.

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant is a 23-unit casual-dining chain based in Portsmouth, N.H.

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