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KFC to tout oil change in national ads

LOUISVILLE Ky. In what it claims is the first quick-service ad campaign to focus on a cutback in trans-fat use, KFC is airing TV commercials that tout its switch to a new frying oil with zero grams of the heart-disease contributor.

The chicken chain is underscoring the oil change advantage via two 15-second TV commercials, in-store materials and a coupon offer extended through its website.

Despite the promotional effort, KFC had earlier indicated that it would continue to use artificial trans fats in its biscuits, pot pies and desserts. The 14,000-unit chain is operated and franchised by KFC Corp., a division here of Yum! Brands Inc.

Yum's Taco Bell chain has also completed a switched to a frying medium with zero grams of trans fat, but apparently is not highlighting the changeover via its advertising. The 4,200 stand-alone Taco Bells in the United States have replaced their partially hydrogenated oil with a canola oil with zero grams of trans fat, and 1,400 units paired with other Yum brands have switched to a low linolenic soybean oil, also with zero grams of trans fat. Under disclosure standards, products with up to .5 grams of trans fat can be described as having zero grams.  

All of KFC's domestic outlets have switched to the low linolenic soybean oil.

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