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Hoss Zaré on how to make Kufteh Tabrizi

Hoss Zaré, chef owner of Zaré at Flytrap in San Francisco makes his own version of Kufteh Tabrizi, a festive giant meatball that in his hometown of Tabriz, Iran, usually surrounds an entire roast chicken. Zaré instead uses a veal shank.

He braises the shanks in a broth containing mirepoix, anchovies, bay leaf, salt, pepper, white and red wine, tomatoes, chicken stock, lemon and orange zest and thyme.

For the meatballs, he mixes together ground beef, lamb and veal, eggs, yellow split peas, basmati rice, onion, saffron, rice flour, garlic chives, dill, savory, tarragon, basil, mint Italian parsley, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and lime juice. He wraps that in plastic and refrigerates it for at least three hours. Then he rolls it into a ball, makes a large indentation in it, places a shank inside and wraps the meat around it.

He simmers the meatball for about an hour in beef broth seasoned with mirepoix, olive oil, tomato paste, turmeric, saffron, preserved lime, lime juice, Turkish bay leaves and parsley.

He serves the balls in a bowl of the broth.

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