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Equipment essentials

Bryan Moscatello, executive chef/partner of the three Stir Food Group restaurants in Washington, D.C., including Potenza, a rustic Italian concept, offered the following tips for equipping an Italian restaurant kitchen:

“We feature a lot of homemade pastas, so to do them successfully, we put in two pasta cookers — self-contained units that are always filled and always boiling.” 

If you’re planning to sell a lot of fried antipasti such as arancini, risotto balls and calamari fritti, you need a double fryer that recovers temperature quickly. 

“Unless pizza is going to be a predominant menu item, you probably won’t put in a 6,000-pound pizza oven as we did. If you are just doing a few flatbreads for appetizers, you might just get a nice, small, brick oven.” 

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