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Dunkin' to sell 99-cent lattes

CANTON Mass. With the economy wreaking havoc on consumers’ pocketbooks, Dunkin’ Donuts said it would offer small lattes and egg and cheese sandwiches for 99 cents each at participating stores beginning today.

Called America’s Latte Break, the promotion features small lattes for 99 cents on weekdays between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. The egg and cheese sandwiches will be priced at 99 cents all day with the purchase of a medium or large hot coffee, Dunkin' said. The chain’s lattes generally retail for between $2.59 and $2.79, depending on the size, and the egg sandwiches cost around $2. The promotion runs through Nov. 11.

“Americans are facing more challenges every day, as the economy forces many hard-working people to make difficult choices to keep their spending down,” said Frances Allen, the chain’s brand marketing officer. “Whether or not to treat yourself to an afternoon latte shouldn’t have to be one of them."

Starbucks ran a similar promotion in August to drive afternoon traffic. The chain's Treat Receipt program offered customers any iced beverage for $2 after 2 p.m. if they presented a receipt from earlier in the day.

In addition to its latte promotion, Dunkin' Donuts said it was launching new advertising next month that depicts hardworking Americans climbing a hill with coffee in hand to show that no matter how difficult their days get, the chain’s beverages will keep them running strong. The campaign includes 15-second and 30-second TV and radio spots, as well as billboard advertising.

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