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DQ to add waffles bowls and cones

DQ to add waffles bowls and cones

MINNEAPOLIS Dairy Queen is rolling out freshly baked waffle bowls and cones on May 1. The menu additions can be ordered plain or chocolate coated and filled with soft-serve ice cream. In addition, waffle bowl sundaes will be available in three flavors - Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Turtle and Fab Fudge - or customers can create their own, Dairy Queen said. Waffle bowl sundaes will sell for an average retail price of $3.50, while waffle cones will sell for an average retail price of $2.60.

The waffle bowls and cones will be supported by TV ads that will chronicle the story of "Waffles" and "Soft Serve," the spokes-characters representing DQ's new treats. Dairy Queen said it plans to bring Waffles and Soft Serve to life with personal appearances throughout the country.

Dairy Queen also will launch an online contest at midnight on May 26 called "Freeze, Click, Win!" which will run through July 27. Customers in the United States and Canada can submit photos of themselves "with family, friends, pets and more" eating waffle bowls or cones at their local Dairy Queen. Participants much be 13 years of age or older. Dairy Queen said it would select a winning photo daily for a prize of $500. Contestants can submit their photos to

Dairy Queen operates a system of more than 5,600 locations and is a subsidiary of International Dairy Queen, based here. IDC also operates the DQ Grill & Chill brand.

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