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Domino’s hints at 30-minute delivery in new campaign

ANN ARBOR Mich. Domino’s Pizza is set to give its brand a new look based on an old theme: delivery in 30 minutes.

Arebranding campaign titled “You Got 30 Minutes” will break Dec. 24 in local markets and Dec. 31 on network and cable TV prime-time shows. This time around, however, Domino’s is not guaranteeing delivery in 30 minutes, as it did during ad campaigns in the 1980s and early 1990s. The new campaign will focus on the activities consumers can enjoy in 30 minutes while waiting for their pizza.

“What can you do in 30 minutes of free time? We’ll challenge our customers to make the most of it and answer the question in fun and unique ways throughout our campaign,” chief marketing officer Ken Calwell said in a statement.

The first spot in the campaign, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky of Miami, will promote a flat-rate pizza offer called the Big Fantastic Deal.

Domino’s also plans to give consumers who place orders online the ability to access content on the chain’s website that they can view while waiting for their deliveries.

New pizza boxes will feature “shipping-style delivery designations, but with attitude,” according to Domino’s statement.

Part of the campaign will be devoted to an internal-marketing program focusing on the importance of driver safety and speedy delivery. Domino’s also is preparing to launch what if called an “aggressive recruiting campaign” to hire delivery employees and safe-delivery experts.

Domino’s, which has 8,510 units worldwide, began guaranteeing 30-minute delivery in the mid-1980s but stopped the practice in 1993, when it had to pay a $79 million judgment to a woman who was injured after her car was hit by a Domino’s driver.

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